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week 9

Hey all. This post is going to be a little different. I’ve hit a plateu (or brick wall) with the weight loss. I last weighed in at around 90kg and despite my venture off the tracks I managed to stay the same. Good for me. Advertisements Continue reading

weeks 7 & 8

Hey all. Let me start by apologising for last weeks post or lack thereof. I found myself extremely busy at home preparing for my sons 1st birthday party, and didn’t have the best of weeks, but more on that shortly. Lets start with week 7. Week 7 saw me bring in my second week without … Continue reading

week 6

Where do I start? Its been a pretty eventful week to say the least, but lets take it from the top. The beginning of the week wasn’t the greatest as you would of read from my last delayed post, but I saw it through and finished off strong! Wednesday saw the start of Lent, and … Continue reading

week 5

Another one bites the dust. All in all a not so bad week. The start of the week was great as usual and the weekend screwed it up for me. Again. I had a wedding on the Saturday night and the big after party the day after. What a weekend it was! Continue reading

week 4

A month is gone. Only 11 more to go. Lets round up the week that’s past. Well not much to report, same as the last 3 weeks. Monday through to Friday was very good. Getting all my meals in, eating lots of vegetables (some I don’t even like!), fish and chicken. Not too much red … Continue reading

week 2

Here we are again. After a pretty good first week the challenge was on to back it up. Didn’t do too bad this past week, apart from a minor hiccup and a boozy barbecue. My diet consisted pretty much of the same stuff as the first week. Lots of tuna, lots of chicken, heaps of … Continue reading