I’ve decided to make a change..again!
A 28 year old husband, father and sporting tragic I’ve always been involved in sports. In particular, football (or soccer in some parts of the world). However I’ve always had to watch my weight and have had my fair share of struggles. Biggest being 110kg, smallest 79kg. Yeah, up and down like a yoyo.
I drink, I smoke, I eat (a lot). I like to think I enjoy life. However, I think I’m ready to make a permanent change.
Overhaul the diet, throw the smokes, tone down the alcohol (I never said I’m perfect!), and get fit!
It’s sure to be a long and gruelling journey, but if your sick of the usual “6 pack in 6 days” crap then stay tuned and see how an ordinary guy with an ordinary life does it.


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