weeks 7 & 8

Hey all. Let me start by apologising for last weeks post or lack thereof. I found myself extremely busy at home preparing for my sons 1st birthday party, and didn’t have the best of weeks, but more on that shortly. Lets start with week 7.

Week 7 saw me bring in my second week without cigarettes. I was continuing to wear the patches every day, which help a heap! I’m not saying that I didn’t feel like a cigarette, but it makes it so much easier to cope with, and like I said, I’ve been busy so that helps me keep my mind off it. My diet throughout the week was really good too. Because I’ve given up smoking, I feel like I’m more wary of what I eat.

I know from experience how easy it is to substitute cigarettes for sweets, and how easy it is to pack on some weight while quitting smoking. So far so good on the two fronts. I also got my Thursday night basketball game in which was good too for a little exercise, so I’m knocking ’em down in all three departments. That weekend I stayed home too, apart from friday which saw me go out for some fish and half a bottle of wine with a mate. No harm done. This week I feel like I’m starting to grow away from the smokes. I feel like I’ve broken through the initial shock barrier of not having a pack in my pocket, having one after meals and with a drink. And I must say I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, and full of confidence that I can go even further!

Week 8. Hmmm. Where do I begin? Ok, diet suffered this week. I found myself eating really irregularly, and not the type of foods I should be. I’m didn’t really pig out and splurge on the junk food, but like I said I would go a whole day without eating a thing, then load up on a bucket load of pasta at like 7:30-8pm. Not good. I think the worst I did was finish a little tub of Ben and Jerry’s Double Choc Fudge ice cream on Saturday and Sunday night. That and the greasy BBQ, 10 beers, and 3 bourbon/coke’s I had on Saturday night. My sleep patterns were really all over the place too so I found myself tired a lot of the time which made me unfocused and demotivated. I can’t really put my finger on anything in particular, so I’m going to go ahead and do the logical thing. Blame the lack of nicotine. As I sit here I’m really struggling to justify that last sentence, but I’ll stick by it because I can’t think of anything else (lol). Still no smokes during week 8. Some days I’d go all day without having a patch on my arm, and to be honest there were no cravings. I don’t want to jump the gun here and get over excited, but like last week, I’m growing more confident in the fact that I can beat the addiction. I’m feeling very proud at this point and pretty excited to carry on and see where this all takes me. Although I am disappointed with how I ate this week, I’ve jumped back on the wagon today (Monday – start of week 9) and am feeling confident that I can push through and get back on track with my eating habits.

So all in all, a really good last 2 weeks in regards to my quitting smoking, and diet was, well, half and half. I’ve no doubt that I’ll fix that and get back on track. I think in week 7 I put a lot of emphasis on eating right because I’m off the smokes that I really didn’t put a foot wrong, and week 8 maybe I got a little over confident with not smoking that the focus on my diet dipped a little. This week, and in future, I really have to maintain my focus to continue beating the cigarette addiction, as well as keeping my food intake on the healthier side.

I know I said I was going to throw in some weight training somewhere soon but I don’t want to load my plate up. I’m trying to maintain a healthy diet, stop smoking, on top of being a dad and husband. Now I’m not complaining, nor saying that its hard, but its a lot easy to come home from work, eat how much I want, have 5 smokes with 2 or 3 beers, then sit on the couch and have a bag of chips. So for now I really want to focus on keeping the body clean. Once I feel like I’ve got a grip on that, then I’ll look at adding some resistance training.

I won’t bother adding any pictures up because I haven’t gone up nor down on the scales, and my body looks pretty much the same. I’ll start adding the pictures again as of next week.

Until next week..


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