week 6

Where do I start? Its been a pretty eventful week to say the least, but lets take it from the top. The beginning of the week wasn’t the greatest as you would of read from my last delayed post, but I saw it through and finished off strong! Wednesday saw the start of Lent, and the start of me being smoke free. Woke up on Wednesday morning feeling a little anxious. Not because of lack of nicotine, but because I didn’t really know what to expect. I found myself at work going a little loopy. Not “I NEED A CIGARETTE!! ARGGHH!!” kind of loopy, but I felt really lost, and confused. After lunch I was bored. Every time my Dad went for a smoke break – who didn’t quit by the way! – I stayed on the tools to do more work, so that I wouldn’t think about it. I lasted till about 8:30am before I ran across the street to the nearest pharmacy and bought myself some patches. Thank God for patches. I don’t know if its a mental thing, but they seem to do the trick for me so I’ve been using one patch a day and so far so good. At time the cravings are there but I think I’d feel too guilty if I had one. My wife is giving up as of Sunday morning which will help. I find that the hardest time at home is after dinner. She goes out for a smoke, and I stand at the fridge, staring at the chocolate I know I won’t eat! So as far as the smoking goes, so far so good!

Now for the diet. As I mentioned I didn’t have the best start to the week, however not the worst either. As of Wednesday when I gave up on the smokes, I found myself eating better. I don’t know if it has something to do with the cigarettes, or its just me being extra careful (we all know someone who quit smoking and gained 10kg), but it seems to be working. No alcohol was consumed over the weekend, oh wait, Friday night I had 2 glasses of white wine watered down with mineral water with dinner (which was grilled snapper, and chips). Other then that I refused to go out after for a big night on the drink with some friends. Partly because I had to wake up the next day for work, and partly because I was too scared to drink (a lot) and not smoke. The worst meal I had over the weekend was a footlong from Subway.

So the journey continues, and the plot thickens. It’s all happening a lot sooner then I initially thought. With all the parties and stuff going on, I thought it would take me a lot longer to lose the amount of weight I have, and I thought I wouldn’t be giving up the smoking just yet. But its all working out, and although there are days where it gets a bit hard, all in all I’m feeling really good about myself and really positive. It’s been only 6 weeks and I look and feel better about myself and I’ve given up smoking. Pretty proud of myself, but I know there’s still a long road ahead with many more challenges so I think I’ll be keeping my feet on the ground for the moment.

Until next week.


Getting closer

Getting closer

Note: Nicotine patch on upper left shoulder

Note: Nicotine patch on upper left shoulder




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