week 4

A month is gone. Only 11 more to go. Lets round up the week that’s past. Well not much to report, same as the last 3 weeks. Monday through to Friday was very good. Getting all my meals in, eating lots of vegetables (some I don’t even like!), fish and chicken. Not too much red meat and no junk food! Until the weekend. Again? Yeah, again.
Had some friends over on Friday night – bring out the bourbon and nibblies. Saturday was fine apart from some dips and crackers – not too bad but not exactly healthy either. Sunday was good all day till my wife “persuaded” (doesn’t take much) me to have some pizza. Not the best weekend again but this morning I woke up and started my week like every other.
I’m starting to think that a big thing for me mentally is starting the week off on a good note. It sets me up for the next 4 days and whatever happens on the weekend, well it happens. I’m still getting results right? I like to think that I am or that I can help someone by showing that yes, you do have to make sacrifices, but it’s not all bad and boring when it comes to weight loss, and that no crazy 5 day a week work out regime is compulsory. Slow and steady wins the race.
So anyway, a month has passed. Only another 11 to go. So far I’m really pleased with my progress. I’m even more pleased with how I’ve fallen off the wagon every weekend but managed to get right back on and still see a shift I’m my weight. I started out at 99.6 and today weighed in at 92.7. That’s a loss of 6.9kg in 4 weeks.
The next month however I think is going to be the worst. Lots more parties and I will stop smoking at about the halfway mark. Hmmm, alcohol without nicotine is tough, throw in the “stress” of dieting without beloved nicotine, and yeah, you get the picture. However I’ll be starting some weight training to go with my soccer training and basketball games. I’ve picked up a couple of 8kg kettle bells and will be using them at home, probably 3 nights a week. Nothing crazy, no big, fancy, heavy weights, just something that can fit in with my daily routine and something that doesn’t take up space.
So if I can make it through the next month I’m almost 100% sure I can go the distance and achieve my goal!




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