week 3

Firstly I must apologise for the late post. You can thank the long weekend for that, but more on that later.
Once again lets start with the positive. Monday through Friday night was fantastic.
Lots of fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit! I managed to eat a meal every 3 hours or so every day which was good. Time consuming and annoying, but very very good. At no time during those 5 days did I feel tired or drained. I woke up each morning with some real good energy and went to bed really alert but managed to fall asleep really well. So the experts must be telling the truth! Like I said, it is really time consuming and pretty annoying but I felt so much better all round. I think I’m going to have to base my diet around this principle. Pretty obvious I know, but I’m the type who’ll eat 3 BIG meals a day and snack at night. This keeps the night time cravings at bay while keeps my energy levels at a consistent high. Basketball also made a return this week which was fantastic. I love playing and it’s an awesome all round way to exercise. Sprinting, jogging, jumping, lunging and never at one point standing still! So all in all a great first 5 days!
Here we go. Once again.
Friday night I went up to the local for a few celebratory drinks for a mate who had recently proposed to his girl. After eating clean all week and still having a big weekend ahead of me I decided to go with a low carb beer. Even though it would normally be my last beer of choice, I decided to play it safe(?). I’d had 4 of them before deciding to call it a night.
Saturday I ate clean then had a wedding at night. Lets just leave it at that!
Sunday was by far my worst day since I started. Hungover and hungry! KFC, some fatty cheeses, coke, and a few Tim Tams for good measure. But wait, there’s more. Sunday night was my cousins 30th birthday bash. Lets just say I don’t know if I drank more on that night or the night before?
Yesterday I ate 2 servings of my wife’s amazing pasta. That’s it.
Today (Tuesday) I jumped right back on the wagon some healthy cereal for breakfast, a tuna sandwich and some fruit in between. That just leaves dinner which will be ok.
Getting back into the right mindset and diet today was pretty hard considering the weekend I’d had, but now that I’m half way though the day, I feel good mentally. I’ve got my head back in the game, and I’m looking forward to waking up with that healthy energy again tomorrow, and the day after.
I know it’s very cliché, but it’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you get back up! No Excuses




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