week 1

Thats 1 week down, another 51 to go, and heres how I went.

During the day I was ok, trying my very best to have breakfast every morning. I’m not a big breakfast person, unless its a real oily bacon and eggs with loads of toast.  Other than that, I’m up in the morning and pretty much out the door, grabbing a coffee on the way to work, with a few ciggies. On the mornings I haven’t been able to have a proper breakfast (mostly cereal), I’d stick with a muesli bar. Good on the go, and reasonably healthy for you (I think?). I didn’t get too much work done this week because of some bad weather, and the incompetence of some clientel, so my lunch at work when there was a simple tin of tuna, a couple slices of bread and a piece of fruit. The days I had off were much better, as I was able to stop and eat a piece of fruit in between my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The experts say that the key to losing weight the right way is to eat (healthily) every 3-4 hours, which I managed to do.

So thats the good part of my week. The bad part was at night time after dinner. EVERY night after dinner. The cravings to snack while watching TV were pretty hard to control. The fact that I’m doing this whole lifestyle change/blog thing probably doesn’t make it any easier for me but the good news is, that I didn’t give in. Not once. Pretty proud of myself, but I know from past experience that the first few weeks are the hardest, once you break that habit, it gets easier. Friday night I stayed in and got up early Saturday morning to go fishing so no problems there. Saturday night I had my mother-in-laws 50th birthday party followed by a bucks night. Lets just say it wasn’t the best of evenings for my body, but on the flipside it could’ve been a lot worse. I did drink yes, but I didn’t go crazy on food, and there was no late night McDonald’s stop over. The following day was a bit of a recovery session, cereal in the morning, a couple of pieces of fruit throughout the day and some Thai for dinner.

No exercise was done this week. Not unless that includes playing with my son for pretty much every minute he was awake. Exercise is the least of my worries at the moment. I play basketball once a week and work a pretty physical job so I’m pretty sure that I’m active enough to burn off the required calories. Once I lose the initial “baby fat” (as my Dad likes to call it), then I’ll take a closer look at a fine tuned diet matched with an equal exercise plan.

Last week I weighed in at 99.6kg. This week I’m weighing in at 95.6. Thats a 4kg loss in the first week. I’m not really surprised to be honest, I know my body and past experience tells me that I’ll lose the first 5-10kg quite quickly, then it slows down as my body adjusts to the permanent change. My theory is that after abusing your body for so long, be it 6 months or 6 years, once you make that drastic change (that lasts longer than a week), it sends your body and your metabolism into shock, resulting in a drastic drop in weight. Once your body adjusts to the change then it starts to slow a little. This is where people (a few of which I know) tend to fall off the wagon. Lose 10kg in the first 3 weeks, then only 5 in the next 3 weeks. They feel like it isn’t working so they quit. Another thing to watch out for are the scales. If the scales say that you haven’t lost any weight, or even put on half a kilo then it doesn’t mean that your diets “not working”. Sometimes you lose inches, sometimes you lose kilos. Thats what I’ve found anyway, and I always keep a pair of jeans handy to measure where I’m at. Thats why I never use scales (apart for this blog). If I can fit into my skinny jeans, then I’m skinny. If they’re tight, then I could lose a few. If I can’t get them on, then I’m fat. Simple.

95.6kgLost 4kg

Lost 4kg


Not much to report here other than not being so bloated.

Not much to report here other than not being so bloated.





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