and we’re off..

Day 1. Well the day is coming to a close, and it wasn’t all that bad. My wife is a bit sick so I’ve had to take on the feeding and nappy changing of our little guy, which I don’t mind. So the day was fine, its night time where I start to wonder whats in the fridge and/or pantry (even though I already know). Snacking at night has always been my downfall. Nothing better than watching a good movie, or catching up on the latest TV shows with a bag of chips, or some chocolate, or some ice cream, or some chocolate…mmmmmm..foooood..

Anyway, I did NO exercise, and no its not because I didn’t have the time etc etc. I just couldn’t be bothered. Same goes for the smokes. I smoked as per normal today. <insert head shaking, criticism, and other negative connotations here>. Like I’ve said, one step at a time. The first month will be crucial to getting my diet down pat and adjusting to the change (I think). Once thats done then I’ll start to look at finding a way to lose the smokes, and starting some sort of exercise regime. The funny thing is, is that I’ve done this before. I’ve lost 30kg in 3 months. Yeah, pretty proud of myself, but this time is very different. Instead of choosing to look good for summer and trying to get a 6 pack, this time I just want to be healthy. I am a happily married man with a child so its safe to say I’ve really got no one to impress, nor do I care to impress anyone. This is all about me, and to be honest its a little bit daunting. Will I be able to do a full year? Will it work? How will I motivate myself? How will I motivate myself past the year mark should I make it?

When it comes to achieving something, I usually go all out or don’t go at all. Last time I lost the weight I trained 6 days a week and very intense, my diet was to say the least, really strict. I went all out and as hard as I could for 3 months till I reached my goal, then I was lost. I hung in there for a year or so after, but then I was constantly going up and down the scales, according to what party, wedding, and month of the year it was. This time round I hope to make it a life time change. Thats why I find it daunting, and why I keep asking myself the What, When, Where, How, Why questions. I guess this is more a mental thing for me. I’ve conquered the physical side (losing weight, and getting fit) and I know I can do it again, but finding the motivation to make it a long term thing, AND quit smoking will make it a decent challenge. A challenge that, as daunting it can be, is just as exciting.

99.6kg. 10kg off my biggest.

10kg off my biggest.

Here we go.

Here we go.


3 thoughts on “and we’re off..

  1. You can do it… I know that I’ve really found that clean eating made me feel better on the inside. I wasn’t trying to do the clean eating, I’ll be honest…. it was just the diet I picked. But turned out that it was in there and the way it made me feel was the real “clincher” for me. That and watching a few documentaries and then that was about it… Now, it’s sort of in my head. I can’t really get it out. I find alot of support online, too. Through writing here, or even finding support through online communities. I go to if you’ve heard of it. Lots of people there and you say that nighttime is a rough time for you… people are ALWAYS online… maybe turning your addiction from watching tv to talking to someone instead, might get you from eating and smoking… it’s just a thought. I’m a crafter. I know most men aren’t into that, so I wasn’t even going to go there! LOL But anything to keep your hands busy is always a good idea. Too busy to munch is what I tend to try to do. Good luck! I drink loads of water after I eat my dinner, which I eat after my exercise (which I do at night, because it keeps me from wanting to eat much)… then the water sloshes around, pretty much I don’t want to eat then… then I’m in bed.

    Wishing you the best of luck! Hoping your wife feels better! 🙂

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