calm before the storm…

Hey all. So it looks like my new year splurge is coming to and end, and its about time. It was starting to get a little bit out of control and too be honest I’m getting sick of it. Even the smoking is starting to bother me.
It all starts tomorrow. Since I have no real plan of attack I guess I’ll just take it day by day. Get the diet under control, slowly build up to some sort of regular excersise (apart from my weekly basketball game) and then eventually kill my addiction for the cigarettes. As far as the alcohol is concerned, it will slow down, but not stop. Like a lot of others, I enjoy a social drink/booze up.
Tomorrow I’ll check back with a full body shot and my first weigh in. Lets hope I haven’t caused too much damage.

month by month, week by week… #three6five


3 thoughts on “calm before the storm…

  1. I quit smoking after 8 years (started young) by finally learning how to run 5 km. I did the C25K program thing (it’s free and the program’s outline is online); the first couple of weeks were okay and kind of basic. After that, it was getting harder on my lungs and eventually I decided that I’d rather learn how to finally run for 30 minutes than enjoy cigarettes with coffee and drinks… and waiting for the bus. Anyway, long comment, but if you look into that program then you’ll get your fitness in control at the same time as you will quit smoking! (Or if you already know how to run 5 km, there’s another one for 10 km. (; )

    • Thanks for the heads up, and good job on quitting the smokes. I will definitely check it out, although I won’t be rushing into anything, I’ve got all year! I’ve found every time I go gung-ho into these types of things it never lasts. One step at a time. Thanks again!

      • Haha thanks, and no problem! I think the program was 9 weeks or so, so it isn’t too much of a rush (and slow-paced), but it’s different strokes for different people. Best of luck to you anyway; you can do it! (:

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